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Industry Panels Presented by B&H and Canon

  • Chemistry Creative 305 Ten Eyck St. Brooklyn, NY 11206 (map)

Industry Panels presented by B&H and Canon

The Creative Future - Arts, Entertainment and Tech

What does the modern-day creative need to know about tomorrow? New technologies such as blockchain, AI and virtual reality are reshaping the world rapidly and giving creators more ownership and options.


  • G. Thomas Esmay: Director of Corporate Strategy at Breaker, a global distribution platform for artists without barriers

  • Alan Weissman: Founder, Superrare crypto art platform

The Sound of Story

From pop songs, podcasts, soundtracks and beyond—music professionals write, produce and perform sonic narratives for film, tv, stage and the dance floor that capture our hearts, minds, and imaginations.

  • Robert Hann: Mix engineer, songwriter, producer of podcasts and serials

  • Gloria Pitagorsky: Partner/Producer and managing director at Heard City

  • Ken Anthony (DJ Kaos): DJ / A&R rep and music producer

  • Robert Mack: Opera singer, founder of Opera Noire

Conversation With Tribeca Film Institute

We hear from several individuals at the Tribeca Film Institute and gain some insight on funding films and documentaries. Where does one start? What's the best strategy? And how does one ultimately find success?

Conversation with Vice

We talk with several producers from VICE about their experience, from producing at a digitally-oriented company like VICE to working with creatives and seeing ideas come to fruition. We learn how they found themselves at VICE, what that future might look like, and what advice they have for filmmakers.

  • Maria Chiu: VICE Producer

  • Will Tilghman: VICE (Producer)

  • Lara Heintz: VICE (Producer)

Conversation with Nova PBS