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The Bushwick Film Festival

The Bushwick Film Festival (BFF) is an MWBE certified independent film, media, and event production company in Brooklyn, NY. Its annual festival attracts over 3500 attendees, as well as more than 1500 film submissions from 60 countries around the world, contributing to the Borough's cultural and economic growth. The festival is committed to community building, empowering underrepresented storytellers, and increasing diversity in film and other forms of media through year-round programming. Its programming includes free public screenings and events, hands-on film production workshops, and career training for young adults so that they have the tools to enter a successful career in the media industry.

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#Bushwick2019 Planning Committee



Abie Sidell

Albania Salas

Anaiis Kudeja Cisco

Angel Weav-Ho

Asia Brooks

Aurora Alänge

Austin Crawford

Brian Blum

Camila Perez

Celeste Erlander

Chrys Wu

Clara Ritger

Danielle Rivera

Delisa McGregor

Diomarys Mendez

Dominique Spooner

Erica Eng

Fernando Maldonado

Gil Choi

Iman Desirae

Ivy Lofberg

Javed Eid

Jeffrey Derose

Michael Jackson

Lana Ferron

Liliana Tandon

Matthew Charof 

Matthew Gill

Michael Piantini

Naliah-Alexandra Bryan

Nancy Asiamah-Yeboah

Niki Williams

Rachel Garber Cole

Sabrina Polanco-Ferreyra

Samuel Honore

Samuel Kahler

Tess Harrison

Tiffany Ruiz

Tiy Hampton

Victor Burgos

Yonny Issayes