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The Bushwick Film Festival

Founded in 2007, The Bushwick Film Festival (BFF) is a leading independent film and media company in Brooklyn. The festival is hailed as one of Brooklyn’s most influential cinematic events for its contribution to the borough’s artistic, cultural, and economic growth. The festival attracts film and entertainment industry leaders at national and international levels; and showcases films created by the best and most diverse emerging independent filmmakers in Brooklyn and worldwide. BFF provides a platform for emerging filmmakers to share their stories and present opportunities for them to make a living doing what they love. BFF provides spaces for audiences from all backgrounds to connect and discover new independent movies and experience unique cultural events.


The Festival Team


Special Thanks to our Additional Film Screeners, Who Help Make The Program Compelling & Diverse:

  • Carrie Radigan
  • Savannah Magruder
  • Anaiis Cisco
  • Kira Boden-Gologorsky
  • Kevin D'Angelo
  • Teresa Lu
  • Aurora Alänge
  • Liliana Tandon
  • Nancy Asiamah-Yeboah
  • Rachel Garber Cole
  • Raul Rubio