Brooklyn Borough President Eric L. Adams Welcomes the 2016 Bushwick Film Festival Filmmakers at Borough Hall

Brooklyn Borough President Eric L. Adams Welcomes the 2016 Bushwick Film Festival Filmmakers at Borough Hall This Thursday, August 11th.

BROOKLYN, NY, August 8, 2016 – This Thursday, August 11, 2016, Brooklyn Borough President Eric L. Adams, in partnership with Bushwick Film Festival (BFF), will host its annual, invitation-only, Filmmaker Welcoming Ceremony to announce all 2016 accepted films, thank festival sponsors and celebrate festival participants. The Borough President is very enthusiastic to see what new talent will be spotlighted at the festival and is proud to support the efforts of its founder and Bushwick resident, Kweighbaye Kotee.

“Brooklyn's ready for its close-up,” said Brooklyn Borough President Eric L. Adams. “As this borough continues to set the standard as an international center for the arts, the Bushwick Film Festival honors the many contributions of talented filmmakers to our culture as well as our economy, all at a time when the number of Brooklynites working in creative industries continues to increase. The festival’s founder Kweighbaye Kotee has been integral to that achievement, as she continues to support the independent filmmakers whose cutting-edge work defines the character of our community. I encourage everyone to come out to Bushwick and support this incredible celebration of independent film and media this fall."

The Festival’s Annual Welcoming ceremony marks the official kick-off to its 2016 season. The event will be catered by Remarkable Cuisine with beverages sponsored by Bruce Cost Ginger Ale and Queens Brewery. In addition, artisan chocolates will be provided by Fine & Raw Chocolates. Industry professionals, community members, press and previous festival guests can request an invitation by clicking the link below. 

This year, the 9th Annual Bushwick Film Festival is scheduled from September 29 to October 2 and is emerging as one of the best festivals in NYC for independent filmmakers to showcase their work. Since its debut in 2007, the festival has become one of the most talked about events in Bushwick and is hailed as "one of the borough's strongest cinematic events,” by Tribeca Film. Last year’s best picture, Wallabout, was highlighted on Fox News.

The festival unites the community and the support it receives from its residents and public figures alike will only add to its ever-growing success. With the excitement mounting for the festival’s 9th edition, the BFF team is working hard to make sure this year is another year to remember.

kweighbaye Kotee